German Foreign Minister remarks on Russia’s action: This decision is more than regrettable”

BERLIN (RIA Novosti): Russia’s decision to close the NATO information bureau in Moscow complicates the already difficult relations, said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas .

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced Russia’s retaliatory measures for the expulsion of diplomats to NATO: in addition to suspending the work of the NATO military liaison mission in Moscow, its information bureau is also shutting down. The Russian permanent mission to NATO also suspends work from November 1 or a little later. For contacts with Russia, the alliance should now contact the Russian Ambassador to Belgium.

“This makes everything more difficult, and the situation is already difficult,” Maas told reporters following a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

He noted that Germany in NATO advocated a dialogue with Russia, he also recalled that the alliance confirmed its readiness for dialogue, calling for a Russia-NATO Council. “We are ready for dialogue, but we must take more into account the fact that Russia, apparently, is not ready. This decision is more than regrettable,” Maas said.

The minister noted that this decision of Moscow “will prolong the ice age” in relations between Russia and NATO.

He noted that since NATO deals with security issues.

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