China urges NATO to ensure global security

BEIJING (TASS): China calls on NATO to assess the social and economic development of the PRC objectively and positively. So the official representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian commented at a briefing on Monday on the statement that the new NATO doctrine will include countering challenges from China.

“NATO, as the world’s largest military alliance, must abandon Cold War thinking and prejudice and view China’s development in an objective, positive a-nd open manner, and take more action to ensure global and regional security,” he said. “China calls for the maximum use of existing mechanisms for dialogue based on the principles of equality and mutual respect in order to deepen relations and promote practical cooperation in relevant fields,” the diplomat said.

Stoltenberg in an interview published on Monday to the Financial Times said that NATO’s new strategic concept will include challenges from the growing potential of the PRC and counteraction to them. Countering the security threat posed by the rise of China will become an important part of NATO’s future concept, he said, ma-rking a significant rethinking of the alliance’s goals, reflecting a geostrategic pivot towards Asia.

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