Polish PM warns European leaders against EU transformation into a governing center

WARSAW (TASS): The European Union is gradually transforming from a community of equal and sovereign states into a center for decision-making without relying on democratic mechanisms. This was stated in a letter published on Monday on the official website of the Polish government to the heads of state and government of the EU, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki.

The head of the Polish government decided to address this message in connection with the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland, which stated the discrepancy between the rule on the dominance of European law over the provisions of the constitution of the republic, as well as in connection with talks about the possible Polexit, as the republic calls the country’s exit from the European Union by analogy with Brexit. Against the background of what is happening, Morawiecki assured his partners in the EU that “Poland remains a loyal member of the European Union.”

“At the same time, however, I want to cause concern in you and draw your attention to an extremely dangerous phenomenon that threatens the future of our union. I mean the gradual transformation of the EU into an organization that will cease to be an alliance of free, equal and sovereign states and will become a single, centrally controlled organism, governed by institutions devoid of democratic control by the citizens of European countries,” the Prime Minister wrote, urging to listen to Polish arguments.

“Unfortunately, today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon, w-hen some institutions of the EU usurp powers that they do not have in accordance with the treaties, and imp-ose their will on the member states,” said the head of the Polish government. when there are attempts to use financial instruments for this purpose.”

“Without any legal basis, there is an attempt to force the member states to do what the EU institutions tell them, regardless of whether they have a legal basis for such orders,” Morawiecki wrote, calling this practice unacceptable and dangerous for the continuation of the existence of the EU, as it weakens all its members.

“The European Union is strong precisely because of the strength of its members. Their weakening by subordinating power, unlimited in practice, to centrally controlled institutions devoid of democratic control, can actually lead to a complete separation of decision-making mechanisms from the will of citizens, expressed, in particular, in democratic elections, and transform The EU into an organization that runs counter to our common values – freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, fairness and solidarity,” wrote the Polish Prime Minister.

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