US embassy in Belarus downsized staff

MOSCOW (Radio Sputnik): The American embassy in Minsk reduced its staff at the request of the Belarusian authorities .

“Today is the second time in three months diplomats have been forced to leave Belarus in connection with the regrettable decision of the (government) to limit the interaction and dialogue We say goodbye to them, and they say goodbye to you -. With the Belarusian people …”, – said in a statement the embassy on Facebook .

Relations between the United States and Belarus deteriorated in the summer of 2020 shortly after the presidential elections in the republic, which were won by Alexander Lukashenko .

Washington did not recognize him as the legally elected head of state and, following Brussels and London, announced the imposition of sanctions against the Belarusian au-thorities. After that, the Be-larusian and American si-des mutually reduced the n-umber of employees in the embassies several times d-ue to political differences.

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