Maria: Most of the proposals of Russia were ignored in UNSC resolution on Afghanistan

MOSCOW (TASS): Most of the proposals and appeals of the Russian side were ignored in the UN Security Council resolution on Afghanistan. This is stated in the commentary by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, circulated on Tuesday.

“Most of our proposals remained ignored. The authors of the resolution flatly refused to include in the paragraph on the fight against terrorism, references to ISIS (the former name of IS, banned in the Russian Federation) and the” Islamic Movement of East Turkestan “, which pose a serious threat to security in the region. – The text also did not reflect the theses about the importance of not allowing the evacuation of qualified Afghan personnel to negatively affect the socio-economic situation of the country and its ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the detrimental impact of the freezing of national financial assets on the economic and humanitarian the situation in Afghanistan “.

As the diplomat noted, Resolution 2593 was prepared by the Western “troika” of permanent members of the Security Council (U-SA, Great Britain, France) with “a significant contribution of Russia to making the document as balanced as possible so that it would meet the urgent tasks of the Afghan settlement.” Howe-ver, according to Zakharo-va, the final version “did not meet with understanding” and Moscow’s calls to add to the provision on humanitarian assistance “a reference to the imperative to implement such activities in strict accordance with the UN guidelines for the provision of humanitarian assistance contained in General Assembly resolution 46/182” …

“Once again, the practice of Western partners in creating an artificial time pressure when agreeing on Council documents was disappointing,” the diplomat continued. consideration by the Council. This can be judged by the leaks in the media of information about the Troika’s initiative even before the Russian side received any signals from its authors. “

At the same time, Moscow notes that in the work on the text, some concerns of the Russian side were nevertheless taken into account. Thus, in the final version, “the focus of the document was shifted to the most important issues of countering terrorism,” “the most intrusive passages on human rights issues that violate the sovereignty of Afghanistan were removed, and” a clause was added on the need to prevent possible repeated terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport. ” “We consider the inclusion in the resolution of an appeal to international donors and humanitarian agencies to provide assistance to Afghanistan and the main refugee recipient countries through the positive,” Zakharova said.

Taking into account the ratio of the considered and ignored proposals of Moscow, Russia in the final result of voting on the text “was forced to abstain”, as well as China. “We hope that the Western partners will further take into account the concerns of their colleagues in the Council in the work in the Afghan sector. We proceed from the fact that maintaining the unity of the Security Council regarding the problems of settlement in Afghanistan is a priority at this stage, which is extremely important for the country and the entire region,” – summed up the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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