US and China agree to hold consultations on trade relations

WASHINGTON (TASS): US Trade Representative Catherine Tai and Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Liu He on Friday agreed to hold additional consultations on issues related to bilateral trade relations during the video-conference talks. This is stated in a written statement by the press service of the Tai administration after the meeting.

“In a frank exchange of views, Tai and Vice Premier Liu [He] acknowledged the importance of bilateral trade relations and the impact they have not only on the United States and China, but also on the global economy. the issue of progress in the implementation of the US-China economic and trade agreement and agreed that both sides will hold consultations on some outstanding issues, “the document says.

Tai, who is a member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet, “highlighted US concerns about Chinese government non-market policies and practices that are damaging American workers, farmers and businesses.” “Tai noted that she is looking forward to meeting with Vice Premier Liu [He] in the near future,” the US representative in trade negotiations concluded.

The administration of the previous US President Donald Trump unleashed a trade war with China, during which Washington imposed duties on the import of Chinese goods worth hundreds of billions of dollars. On January 15, 2020, the parties signed the first phase of the trade deal in Washington. China agreed to increase purchases of American products during the first and second years of the agreement by $ 76.7 billion and $ 123.3 billion, respectively.

A year ago, then still the candidate for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, said that, in his opinion, the first phase of the trade deal with China had failed.

However, in December, after winning the presidential election, he announced that he was not planning “any immediate action” to amend the deal.

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