Iran will continue to support Syria

DAMASCUS (RIA Novo-sti) Tehran will continue to support Damascus as it did during the war with al-Qa-eda and IS, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Abdolla-hian said on Saturday.

Abdollahian continues his tour of the Middle East. Upon completion of negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, he went on an official visit to Lebanon. Now Abdollahian has arrived in Damascus, where he will hold talks with his Syrian counterpart and a number of high-ranking officials.

“Syria is in the stage of growth and prosperity, and we (Iran) will again support Damascus, as we supported it during the war on terrorism,” the Fars news agency quoted Abdollahian as saying.

Iran actively participates in the nation-building of Syria, supports its economic development after the victory over IS terrorists. The Iranian Al-Quds Brig-ade created detachments in Syria that took part in battles on the side of Moscow and Damascus against terrorists. Now Iran is participating in advancing the political process and providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrians, as stipulated in UN Security Cou-ncil Resolutions 2254 and 2585. Damascus is helping Tehran in transporting Iran-ian fuel to Lebanon. In ea-rly September, the first consignment of Iranian diesel fuel was sent through Syria.

An armed conflict has continued in Syria since 2011.

Since 2017, Nur-Sultan has been holding negotiations known as the “Astana format”, and in January 2018, Sochi hosted the Syrian National Dialogue Congress.

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