Taliban seize millions of dollars from previous administration

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): The Taliban in several provinces of Afghanistan seized more than $ 16 million belonging to officials of the previous administration, they were transferred to the account of the country’s Ministry of Finance.

Among the transferred funds – 86,164,350 Afghans (950,519.44 US dollars ), 15,995,377 dollars, 7,450 euros (8,619.84 dollars), 30,350 Indian rupees (403.96 dollars) and 300 UAE dirham (81, $ 68). In addition to the money, the Taliban also seized gold, which is now stored in the Central Bank.

“The money received from some people from the previous corrupt administration was transferred to a special account of the Ministry of Finance,” the bank said in a statement posted on Facebook.

According to the release, the funds were seized in the provinces of Panjshir, Khost, Kabul and Logar.

A new group of Afghan refugees flew from Ramstein airbase in the USA: The United States, after a three-week pause, resumed accepting refugees from Afghanistan: the first group of 300 people on Saturday left Ramstein airbase in Germany and flew to Philadelphia, Stars and Stripes writes on Sunday.

Flights were suspended in September at the request of US medical authorities due to an outbreak of measles among Afghans.

“We are really happy to complete this titanic work. It took much longer than expected, but this is an amazing result,” – quotes the publication of the air base commander, Brigadier General Joshua Olson, who coordinated the flight of the refugees.

According to a senior American military man, the leadership of the air base expects that in the coming days it will be possible to send to the US about 1,000 evacuated Afghans every day, and 9,000 a week.

Over 50 thousand Afghan refugees are currently on American territory, tens of thousands remain in transit camps organized abroad.

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