Russia calls CIA one of the strongest intelligence services in the world

MOSCOW (TASS): Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin said that the US Central Intelligence Agency is one of the three most powerful and authoritative intelligence services in the world, as is the SVR.

“I must say that we respect our colleagues, opponents and partners – the Central Intelligence Agency. I have said and will repeat that this special service is in the top five, even in the three, the most powerful and authoritative intelligence services in the world. the Foreign Intelligence Service is also located,” he said on the YouTube channel” Soloviev Live”, the footage was shown on the TV channel” Russia-1″.

US President Joe Biden raised the topic of the work of the intelligence services, speaking on July 27 to the leadership and employees of the intelligence community. He made a statement that the American special services are much better than the Russian ones, and also that this greatly worries the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

According to Naryshkin, Russia respects the fact that the CIA has a very experienced operational staff, very thoughtful analysts. “We know their strengths, we also know our strengths. As for the Central Intel-ligence Directorate, then, of course, their resources, fin-ancial resources are probably ten times more than the budget of the Foreign Inte-lligence Service, but, as Alexander Vasilyevich Su-vorov said, Russians, Rus-sians win not by numbers, but by skill,” he added.

“We recognize that they are, I repeat, one of the best in the world,” the head of the SVR continued, noting that the service he heads is the same.

Naryshkin also noted that he was surprised by the reference in Biden’s speech to the alleged words of Putin.” But I believe that the authorship of this comparative analysis of the two special services belongs exclusively to the President of the United States, and in vain he began to attribute the authorship to someone else,” he stressed.

Also, US President Joe Biden who accuses Russia of meddling in the upcoming elections to Congress in 2022 is trying to find an excuse in case of the Democratic Party’s failure, Sergei Naryshkin added.

“We understand why the American president is speaking about this and what goals he is pursuing. The Democratic Party is preparing for the 2022 midterm elections and obviously feels some uncertainty and is preparing to find some arguments in case of the election results turning out to be not quite good for the Democratic Party and thus for the president,” the Russian foreign intelligence chief said in a live broadcast of the Solovyov Live YouTube channel whose episodes were shown on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

It is “already boring” to hear this time and again, Naryshkin said.

“As you remember, the US Justice Department applied to a court of law in early 2018, accusing two Russian companies and a dozen of individuals, as I can recall, of meddling in the elections. At the request of the Russian side’s attorneys, the judge had to insist that the US Justice Department provide specific proofs. The US Justice Department got silent at that moment as there were no proofs and they simply do not exist,” Russia’s foreign intelligence chief stressed.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service knows part of the truth about Alexey Navalny’s case, the Service’s director, Sergei Naryshkin further said.

“We know part of the truth. Not everything, I won’t be indulging in boasting. But we know something about the Berlin patient. Only part of the truth, or some indirect evidence of the truth,” he said.

According to Naryshkin, over the year of the developments around Navalny, Moscow has received reliable and verified information that a meeting of special services officers, non-government organizations activists and government officials was held in a European country to discuss ways of supporting the protest movement in Russia.

“They discussed in all seriousness that sacred sacrifices were needed. And it would be better that such a leader of the protest movement played the role of such sacrifice. I don’t mean to say anything but it hints to some parallels,” he said.

He also confirmed that when Navalny had been taken to Germany his sample had had no signs of toxic agents.

“This is what our specialist say. And I trust them completely because, and you know it, an whole set of tests and examinations were done in our Russian hospital and, by the way, the most advanced equipment was used, to find out that neither his blood nor other biological materials had anything that could indicate the presence of any toxic agents,” Naryshkin stressed.

Toxic agents could have been added to Alexei Navalny’s biological samples not on Russian territory, Sergei said.

“Yes, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the OPCW [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons] report. In this regard, it is difficult to say whether he was really poisoned already later, after he boarded a plane. But if some markers were, indeed, discovered, then the more realistic presumption is that some substances were added to his biological material,” Naryshkin said.

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