Germany charges wife of scientist of having links with Chinese special services

BERLIN (TASS): The Prosecutor General’s Office of Germany brought charges against the citizen of Germany and Italy, Clara L., on suspicion of cooperation with the Chinese special services. This is stated in a press release, which the state prosecutor distributed on Monday.

In early July, another suspect in the case was reported, an influential political scientist who headed a local think tank. Clara L. is in a marital relationship with him and supported him in his professional activities. The cha-rges were brought against them back on May 20.

According to the prosecution, in 2010, representatives of the Chinese special services contacted the spouses.

It is alleged that this happened in Shanghai, where the political scientist made a presentation.

“Until November 2019, they regularly transmitted information to the Chinese special services in advance of and following state visits or international conferences,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

They received this data allegedly “from high-ranking interlocutors”, contacts with whom were established precisely thanks to the work for the analytical center. In return, the spouses, among other things, “received a fee,” the press release says.

No further details are provided.

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