Russia and China call US military biological developments dangerous

NEW YORK (RIA Novosti): Russia and China have prepared a joint statement on the threat posed by the activities of more than 200 American biological laboratories operating outside the United States .

The document at the me-eting of the First Comm-ittee of the General Assem-bly of the United Nations read out of China at the UN zampostpreda Geng Shuang . The diplomat explained that the statement concerns the strengthening of the Biological Weapons Convention.

“Russia and China note the military biological activity of the US and its allies outside their territory. More than 200 American biological laboratories are located outside the United States and operate in an op-aque, non-transparent manner and raise serious concerns and questions from the international community about whether this is in line with the Convention on Biological weapons,”the document says.

Moscow and Beijing agree that these activities threaten the national security of Russia and China.

The biological activity of the United States on its territory also raises questions, since the lack of information does not allow us to know whether it complies with the Biological Weapons Convention.

Russia and China called on Washington and its allies to act openly and responsibly, to inform the world community about their military biological activities abroad.

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