Maria compares Baltic states with Afghan allies of US

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): The Baltic countries, calling on the United States not to forget about the “Russian threat”, have admitted that they are afraid that their ally will treat them the same as the Americans did in Afghanistan with Afghans wishing to fly away on military transport planes, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

The Foreign Ministries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia urged the United States not to forget about the alleged “threat from Russia” against the backdrop of growing disagreements between Washington and Beijing. The Foreign Ministers of Latvia and Estonia, as well as the Deputy Foreign Minister of Lithuania, in an interview with the American edition of Newsweek, stated that the United States and its NATO allies should be vigilant about the alleged challenges from the Russian Federation and China.

“Translating from the phantom to human language means the following. Honestly practicing for many years American attitudes towards Russophobia and, contrary to their own interests, bringing relations with Russia to naught, these political regimes are very afraid that they will not be able to catch hold of the wing of an American plane leaving the limits of its former geopolitical influence.”, – wrote Zakharova in her Telegram.

The hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, which ended in late August, provoked a wave of harsh criticism against US President Joe Biden and members of his administration. The entire world was covered by footage from the Kabul airport, which was besieged by thousands of Afghans, who feared revenge from the Taliban who had come to power, in the hope that their former allies would evacuate them from the country. People clung to the landing gear of departing US planes and died, falling down. The US military later admitted that they found human remains in a niche in the chassis of a military transport plane that flew from Kabul airport on the first day of the evacuation.

Moscow is concerned about difficulties in dialogue between the government and the opposition of Venezuela over the extradition of Venezuelan Alex Saab, accused of money laundering, from Cape Ver-de to the US, Maria said.

“We are concerned about reports of a “pause” of the dialogue in Mexico City between the Venezuelan government and the opposition unitary platform. The responsibility that external forces bear for the formation of a climate of trust in the course of the dialogue warned of the devastating consequences that may have rough ill-considered steps that undermine its atmosphere.”

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