EP approves a report on Russia

BRUSSELS (Agencies): The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has approved a report on the future of political relations between the EU and Russia , it follows from the EP’s statement on the results of the vote.

The document was prepared by the European Parliament rapporteur on dialogue with Moscow, MEP from Lithuania Andrius Kubilius. He was supported by 56 members of the committee, nine opposed, five abstained. The report will now be voted on by the entire European Parliament at the plenary session.

MEPs called on the EU not to recognize the Russian parliament if the 2021 elections “are held in violation of democratic principles and international law.”

In this case, Kubilius wants to invite the European Union to consider the possibility of suspending Moscow’s participation in international parliamentary assemblies.

This was announced before the vote by the EP’s largest faction, the European People’s Party URP. The document states that “Russia can be a democratic country,” and the European Union must develop comprehensive principles and a strategy for interaction with Moscow, based on “fundamental European values.”

“Our primary task is to defend democracy. The EU and its institutions must proceed from the assumption that change in Russia is possible,” the statement said. In the report, the deputies propose to distinguish between the Russian people and the country’s authorities, to intensify work with partners to strengthen “democratic impulses in Russia” and to provide additional support to neighboring states.

The decisions of the European Parliament are not binding, this is a recommendation for the EU countries.

Elections of deputies of the State Duma of the VIII convocation will be held in Russia from 17 to 19 September. The lower house of parliament is elected for a five-year term according to a mixed system: 225 deputies – by party lists, another 225 – by single-mandate constituencies.

32 parties will be able to nominate their candidates during the 2021 election campaign. Registration of candidates for deputy mandates will end on 4 August.

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