Creation of AUKUS and QUAD leads to erosion of Asia-Pacific region by the West, Lavrov said

FOREST DALI (RIA Novosti): The creation of the AUKUS partnership and the QUAD quadripartite security dialogue with the participation of Western countries is in line with the erosion of the universal formats of the Asia-Pacific region, existing under the auspices of ASEAN, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a speech at the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

As the minister said, the West comes up with multiple formats to develop its initiative of the world order. “By the way, now, one of the most fashionable trends is the so-called Indo-Pacific strategies, which were invented by the United States, which were embodied by the QUAD four and recently the creation of the AUKUS bloc. All this is in line with the erosion of universal formats in the Asia-Pacific region. which existed in recent decades under the auspices of ASEAN. All of them were aseanocentric…. But they all relied on the principle of consensus and they all involved, in conditions of equality and mutual consideration of interests, all key countries of this region without exception,” Lavrov said.

According to the minister, now there is a transition to global multipolarity, which will be long and has been going on for many years. “Of course, the transition from zapadotsentrichnoy model led by the United States to a more democratic, more sustainable world order will be long, but the fact that the center of life of the world, world development has shifted from the Euro-Atlantic region in the Asia-Pacific region and its key part -. Eurasia is already, probably, is obvious to everyone,”- Lavrov believes.

The Russian Foreign Minister noted that international life is becoming more inclusive, with the traditional balance of power, it is no longer possible to solve problems in a stable and reliable manner, a balance of interests is needed.

The choice of the countries that the United States will invite to the Summit for Democracy in December will require the organizers of “diplomatic resourcefulness”, since some countries cannot be called democracies, but it is impossible not to invite, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Right now, the Summit for Democracy convened by the US in December this year is on the agenda. It is clear who will select candidates for this summit: this is an American initiative, they will determine who will be honored in their eyes to be called democracy. It will be interesting even from a purely sporting point of view. There, I have already heard that a number of key allies of the United States, especially in the Middle East region, cannot be called democracies and cannot be called. – he said.

For more than a decade, the UN has been dealing with the problems that will be considered at the global meeting on cybersecurity convened by the United States, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Yesterday or the day before yesterday, it was announced that President (US Joe) Biden is convening a cybersecurity summit this month. It is said that about thirty states are invited, although within the UN, cybersecurity issues on the Russian initiative and on the initiative of other countries are already more than a dozen years have been discussed – almost 20 years,” Lavrov said.

The minister also recalled that the UN recently agreed on a resolution that approved a five-year schedule of a working group open to all UN countries, within which all acute security problems in cyberspace are discussed.

Earlier, President Joe Biden announced that the United States would host a 30-nation cybersecurity meeting in October to improve law enforcement engagement and curb the illegal use of cryptocurrency. As the American leader noted, Washington plans to create a coalition of nations to promote investments in 5G technologies and better protection of supply chains.

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