Colombian police say former Haitian officer ordered the assassination of president

BOGOTA (TASS): Colombian mercenaries were tasked with assassinating Haitian President Jovenel Moise from ex-employee of the country’s Ministry of Justice, Joseph-Felix Badieu.

This was announced on Friday by the head of the Colombian police, Jorge Luis Vargas.

“A few days before that, Joseph-Felix Badieux, who was an employee of the Ministry of Justice and worked in the anti-corruption department, told [Her-man] Rivera and [Dubern-ay] Kapador (Colombian mercenaries suspected of murder – TASS) that they should to kill the President of Haiti, “- said Vargas at a press conference.

Earlier, the Haitian pol-ice put Badieu on the wanted list. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

On Thursday, Colombian President Ivan Duque said that, according to police, only a small part of the Colombians detained knew about the planned murder of Moise in advance. Among them, presumably, former employees of the Armed Forces of Colombia Kapador and Rivera appear. Rivera is in custody, Kapador was killed during the arrest.

President Moiz was fatally wounded in an unidentified attack on his residence on 7 July.

Acting Prime Minister Joseph called on the population for calm, assuring that the security situation is under the control of the police and the military. On suspicion of the murder of Moiz, 23 people were detained, including at least 18 Colombians.

Two US citizens of Haitian origin were also arrested.

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