Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN: Taliban formed cabinet is not inclusive

NEW YORK (TASS): The composition of the Afghan government announced by the Taliban (a movement banned in the Russian Federation) is not inclusive. This was stated on Tuesday by the Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, Gulyam Iskhakzai, speaking at a meeting of the UN General Assembly.

The Taliban announced the composition of the new government today. It can be called whatever you want, but not inclusive, “he said.

Iskhakzai was appointed Permanent Representative to the United Nations by the government of former President Ashraf Ghani, who fled Afghanistan. Earlier, the world organization reported that the Taliban have not yet applied with a proposal to change their permanent representative.

Also, the Afghan Embassy in Russia is not commenting on the new composition of the national government for now.

“We are not giving comments yet,” the diplomatic mission told TASS on Tuesday.

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