Xi calls for implementing global security concept

VLADIVOSTOK (TASS): Beijing calls for pooling efforts to implement a global security concept, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a video address to the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) on Friday.

“We should pool our efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region, overcome differences and enhance mutual understanding through dialogue and consultations, implement the concept of comprehensive and stable global security for the construction of our common home where harmony and calm will reign,” he pointed out.

Chinese leader Xi further added that China is urging the world to fight attempts to politicize the subject of vaccines and of the origin of coronavirus.

“We must support each other’s efforts in fighting the pandemic, boost cooperation in the development and production of vaccines as a global public good, resolutely fight any attempts to politicize the subject of vaccines and the issue of the coronavirus’ origin and work together to try to create a civilization of public health for all of mankind,” he said.

During the pandemic, American authorities repeatedly put forward suggestions that a leak from a lab in Wuhan, China may have caused the spread of the coronavirus infection. Beijing protested these assertions. The Chinese authorities pointed out that the issue of the virus’ origins is in the purview of scientists, and not politicians.

On August 27, the official website of the US Director of National Intelligence published an intelligence report summarizing the conclusions on COVID-19 origins.

The document, among other things, noted that the coronavirus was not developed as a biological weapon. At the same time, the US intelligence community did not come to a single conclusion with regards to the origins of the virus, and their opinions still differ. They admitted that, most likely, they won’t be able to provide a final evaluation of the origins of the coronavirus without China’s input.

The sixth Eastern Economic Forum is being held in Vladivostok on September 2-4 in a hybrid (combined online and in-person) format, the main topic of the business program is “New Opportunities for the Far East in a Changing World.”

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