US embassy reports shelling of Kabul airport

WASHINGTON DC (Agencies): The United States Embassy in Afghanistan reported that the Kabul airport , where its diplomats are located, came under fire, and therefore ordered American citizens to remain in hiding places.

“The security situation in Kabul is changing rapidly, and this also applies to the airport. There are reports that the airport has come under fire, in connection with which we are ordering American citizens to find shelter for themselves,” the American diplomatic mission said in a statement.

Earlier, the US State Department announced that the Kabul airport was selected as the location of American diplomats in the light of the ongoing offensive of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Amer-ican flag at the U.S. Emb-assy in Kabul, Afghanistan has been taken down after the Taliban moved into the city and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reportedly fled the country.

First reported by CNN on Sunday, the lowering of the flag marks the final step in the evacuation of staff from the embassy.

The embassy on Sunday instructed U.S. citizens to shelter in place in Kabul, however, amid reports that the airport was under fire.

Last Thursday, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on that the U.S. would not be conducting a “wholesale withdrawal” from nation, CNN noted.

Biden has defended his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

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