Turkmenistan moved heavy equipment to Afghan border

MOSCOW (Monitoring D-esk): Turkmenistan has pulled heavy equipment to the border with Afgh-anistan, Turkmen.news reported , citing sources.

“Early in the morning of July 9, a train arrived in Serkhetabad with heavy military equipment: tanks, cannons and armored personnel carriers,” the newspaper writes, accompanying the material with a photograph.

According to another interlocutor, over the past three days, the military units in the area of ??the southern border of Turkmenistan have repeatedly announced the alarm.

The last time it happened was on the night of July 8-9, when two powerful explosions were heard on the territory of Afghanistan. The Taliban launched an offensive against major Afghan cities amid the withdrawal of American troops. The day before, it was reported that the Taliban attacked the second largest city in the country – Kandahar, where, according to the 2016 census, 614 thousand people live. Official Kabul said that the offensive of the movement’s representatives had been stopped.

Radio Sputnik reported Saturday afternoon that Afghan security forces had succeeded in recapturing two districts of the country from the Taliban.

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