Turkish FM urges US to abandon erroneous policy

ANKARA (RIA Novosti): Washington ‘s 2019 extension of sanctions against Turkey because of its operation in Syria is a misguided policy, the administration of US President Joe Biden is misleading Congr-ess, Turkish Foreign Minis-ter Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

The reason for the sanctions in 2019 was the military invasion of the Turkish army into Syria and the op-eration against the Kurdish militia. Then the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Energy of Turkey, the Minister of Defense, the ex-commander of the Gen-eral Staff of Turkey Hulusi Akar, the Minister of Ene-rgy Fatih Donmez and the deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Develop-ment Party Suleiman Soylu were sanctioned.

“Instead of blaming Turkey, let the United States abandon its own erroneous policy. In addition, let the American leadership be honest with its people and Congress. The US leadership, sending such requests to Congress, is not telling the truth,” Cavusoglu told reporters…

According to him, the US leadership knows that there is no difference between the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party of Turkey banned in Turkey) and the YPG (the Syrian Kurdish self-defense forces). “It provides large-scale support to this terrorist organization. According to American law, this is a crime. We know perfectly well that the purpose of their stay here (in Syria) is not to fight IS. The only army that fights IS is our army.” – added the Turkish minister.

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