Trumpunkt. Biden confused Obama with Trump and diagnosed himself

Mikhail Sheinkman

It was not that he was surprised that he was mistaken (although for the Democrats it was akin to blasphemy – how to confuse a gift of God with scrambled eggs). And the fact that he, first of all, knows Freud. And, secondly, he diagnoses himself.

Speaking in Pennsylva-nia, Biden included the head of the transportation department, recalling that in 2009 “then President Tr-ump” instructed him to take the auto industry out of the crisis. “Sorry, Freudian slip. That was President Oba-ma,” he quickly corrected.

Although, if according to Freud, then quickly recover will not work. The subconscious mind is a very long time. In addition, Trump sits not only in his head, but also in his liver. And it constantly rushes. In general, he seems to live with this …

By the way, he never got out of the crisis in the auto industry.

Therefore, in Pennsylvania, no one really heard the “chief of the transport department.”

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