Tehran condemns “foreign intervention” in Afghanistan

TEHRAN (Irna): Tehran condemned the siege of Panjshir by the Taliban on Monday. Said Khatibzade, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said that Panjshir “has only a political solution, and the siege of Panjshir is in no way acceptable from the point of view of international law and humanitarian law.”

Khatibzadeh condemned the Taliban’s last night strikes on Panjshir Province in Afghanistan ‘in the strongest terms’, saying that the death of Afghan leaders was a matter of great sorrow.

Iran is investigating foreign interference in Afghanistan, he said, adding that the issue of Panjshir should be solved through dialog intermediated by all Afghan leaders and all sides should avoid killing each other.

He called on the Taliban to abide by its commitments under the international law, stating that the siege of Panjshir, starving its people, and cutting its power and water, as reported, was a source of concern for Iran.

The spokesman ‘seriously warned’ against breaking redlines and commitments under the international law and stated that Iran was closely watching developments in Afghanistan and keeping contacts in different levels, as Foreign Minister Hossein Amirab-dollahian had a phone call last night with Afghani-stan’s Abdullah Abdullah.

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