Taliban launches work-in-trade program for wheat in Kabul

KABUL (RIA Novosti): Afghanistan’s new government has launched a wheat-for-work program in Kabul, the country’s public consultation office said.
It is reported that the main areas of work under this project will be the management of surface water resources in the mountains in the vicinity of Kabul and the prevention of possible flooding in the city. It is expected that within the framework of the program, about 40 thousand people will be able to get such work in Kabul, over 65 thousand tons of wheat will be distributed.
The program’s launch ceremony on Sunday was attended by various officials and ministry officials in the Taliban-designated interim government of Afghanistan.
Eyewitness reports clashes: Clashes between two groups of militants from the radical Taliban took place in the province of Herat in western Afghanistan, a local resident told RIA Novosti.
A local reporter also told RIA Novosti that the clashes between the Taliban occurred when militants raided the house of Mohammad Ismail Khan, one of the district commanders in Herat province.
At the moment, there is no information about the victims of the clashes; the Taliban have not yet provided any information about the incident in Herat .
Taliban will not attend Iranian ministerial meeting: Representatives of the radical Taliban movement that has come to power in Afghanistan (banned in Russia) will not take part in the upcoming meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. This was announced on Sunday by the Taliban-appointed deputy minister of information and culture in the interim cabinet of ministers of the country, Zabihullah Mujahid.
“None of the representatives of the government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not attend the meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries,” Mujahid said, quoted by the Afghan TV channel Ariana News . At the same time, he described the ministerial meeting scheduled for Tehran as “good”.
On October 18, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that six countries will take part in the face-to-face meeting of foreign ministers in Tehran: Iran, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
The parties plan to focus their efforts on how to help form an inclusive government in Afghanistan with the presence of all ethnic groups.
The first meeting in this format was held online on September 8.

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