Taliban does not want to see Turkish troops in Afghanistan

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): Representative of the movement “Taliban” Zabihulla Mujahid said in a press conference that the Taliban want good relations with Turkey, but it does not want to see the Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan.

“We want good relations with Turkey, but we do not want its soldiers to be in Afghanistan,” Mujahid told press conference on Tuesday.

The Taliban have blocked the road leading to the Kabul airport and will not allow anyone but foreign citizens to enter, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.

“We have blocked the road leading to the airport and will not allow anyone but foreigners to pass through,” spokesman said.

Mujahid also appealed to Afghan translators who previously worked with the embassies of foreign states in Kabul, as well as with foreign military personnel.

“We want to reassure the Afghan translators, we will protect them, and we urge them not to leave Afghanistan … what is happening today at the Kabul airport is painful, the Americans should not urge Afghans to leave the country,” the official said.

The Taliban spokesman also called on medical, education and traffic workers to return to their jobs.

Zabihullah Mujahid said since the process of political consultations was continuing successfully, it is hoped that contours of the new government will become clear in the coming days. He reiterated and assured that Afghan soil will not be led used against any neighbouring or other country. He said that after 20 years of unrest in Afghanistan, peace was being restored and public services institutions were being made functional to serve the country and masses.

Taliban Spokesman was also optimistic of the resolution of Panjshir issue through dialogue and there would be no war, adding, that as Afghanistan had seen many wars in the past, Taliban wanted peace in the country.

He further assured about the independent and the protection of women rights in the country, adding, there would be no violation of human rights in Afghanistan.

He, however, urged the woman employees to stay home till a fool-proof security of their workplaces and institutions was ensured.

Zabihullah Mujahid said that as all hospitals and educational institutions in the country were functioning, life was returning to normal in Afghanistan, adding, the transmission of state television and radio were also continuing.

He said that banks had opened and people were free to withdraw cash from their accounts.

Taliban Spokesman said that all diplomatic missions and embassies in Afghanistan were secure and protected, adding, in that respect they will also hold meetings with diplomats. He assured all the international institutions in the country of full security and protection by Taliban and said they should continue their operations.

Mujahid said that Taliban leaders from Qatar have also reached Kabul and were in contact with diplomats.

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