Taliban discuss with US opening new page in their relationship

DOHA (RIA Novosti): The delegation of the new Afghan government formed by the Taliban discussed in Qatar with the US delegation the opening of a new page in relations between Kabul and Washington , urging the United States not to violate the country’s airspace and not to interfere in its internal affairs. Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s interim government Amir Khan Mottaki told reporters on Saturday.

This meeting was the first of its kind after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan and the formation of a government by them, and the visit to Qatar was the first foreign trip of members of the new Afghan government.

“The Afghan government delegation discussed with the US delegation in Qatar opening a new page in relations, providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and adhering to the Doha peace agreement,” Mottaki said.

He noted that the negotiations will continue until the end of this day and will resume on Sunday.

According to the Foreign Minister, the Afghan delegation demanded that the Americans not violate the country’s airspace and not interfere in its internal affairs, as well as unfreeze the country’s foreign assets.

In turn, the American delegation promised to provide Afghanistan with vaccines against coronavirus.

The Taliban also plan to meet with the EU delegation in Doha shortly, the Acting Foreign Minister added.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops in August 2021. An agreement on the withdrawal of military forces was signed in Qatar in February 2020.

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