Silence is golden: Trump is not talking about US presidential polls in 2024

Oleg Obukhov

He was so sociable, and became so brooding … The closer the start of the election race for the post of head of the US White House, the more balanced the statements of ex-President Donald Trump become. He gives evasive answers to direct questions, explaining this with a vow of silence.

Trump’s hobbyhorse – straightforwardness – disappears the moment you ask him about the plans for the upcoming elections. It is clear from the eyes of the former US President that he would be pleased to share at least some details. But his lips are bound by conventions that he is obliged to abide by, in particular, campaign finance laws. Otherwise, problems cannot be avoided.

The only thing Trump decided on was to say: “… I absolutely know my ans-wer.”

Later he flashed one more phrase that the A-mericans would be happy. From what or who – the ex-president, being shackled by duties – did not disclose. His former press secretary, Sean Spicer, might have seemed a little more verbose.

He said something in an interview with the Washington Examiner, that Trump intends to run for president of the United States in 2024. Still, there is no direct answer in this statement. Intending – does not mean that he will definitely nominate his candidacy.

Again, these are not the words of Trump himself. The confusion in all these verbal twists and turns was added by the American media.

In June, they circulated suggestions that Trump allegedly would not mind working in Congress and almost in the role of speaker of the lower house. True, in the event that the majority in it will be for the Republicans.

However, Trump himself later denied this information. For a month now, the ex-president has been leading everyone around the bush, further confusing the thoughts of his potential voters and intriguing opponents.

The only thing that Trump could 100% assure all US citizens of was that he absolutely had no plans to carry out a coup afterelectoral losses in 2020.

And all the guesses and speculations of journalists are not worth a damn. He stressed that his “form of coup is elections.”

But that is then. And what will happen in 2024 is silence.

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