Shooting at Russian university leaves 6 dead, 28 hurt

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): Maria Marikyan. Six dead, dozens of wounded – the victims of the armed attack on Perm State University could have been much more if the assassin had not been stopped by police junior lieutenant Konstantin Kalinin with targeted shots from a service weapon. The suspect in the massacre is 18 years old, according to friends, he grew up in a prosperous family, but was always quiet and taciturn. RIA Novosti understood the circumstances of the tragedy.

Little is known about the attacker. He studied at the same university in the first year of the Faculty of Law, specializing in Forensic Science – he entered the paid department.

Students interviewed by RIA Novosti say that they saw him extremely rarely, he often missed classes and did not attend events for freshmen.

According to a resident of Perm, Oleg K. (the name was changed at his request), the suspect was brought up in a wealthy and prosperous family, his parents had an only child.

“Mom works as a chief accountant. A quiet and calm guy, a favorite of the family. Nothing suspicious,” he says.

He studied at the 60th school. Classmates note his taciturnity and isolation. “Quiet, he often walked by himself. On the whole, they treated him normally, no one hurt him,” recalls Anton (the minor’s name has been changed). “He participated in school life. He could have joined the team without any problems.”

About an hour before the attack, the young man published a post on social networks that he had been planning a crime since the tenth grade, saving pocket money for weapons. “He boasted to the head of the group that he had received a license for a weapon. And that he wants to buy it. Then they did not attach any importance to this,” said one of the students of the Perm State National Research University.

The first shots rang out at half past eleven. “There were clapping sounds inside the building and on the street. About an hour later it was all over,” student Igor P. (not his real name) describes the situation.

As it was established later, the killer opened fire from a pump-action gun, barely crossing the threshold of the university. A photo of a checkpoint was published in one of the city’s publics – glass and doors were broken, traces of blood were visible. Students and teachers barricaded themselves in their offices. Many jumped out of the windows.

“My classmates and I were lucky – we study in the second shift. It was very scary for friends and acquaintances. Nobody from my family was hurt,” says student Anastasia.

Traffic police officer junior lieutenant Konstantin Kalinin and his colleague senior lieutenant Vladimir Makarov were the first of the security forces to arrive at the scene. We saw students running away. Makarov organized the evacuation, and Konstantin, without waiting for reinforcements, pulled a service pistol from his holster and entered the building.

I noticed an unknown person with a gun in his hands, descending from the second floor. “He shouted:“ Drop it! ”After which the young man pointed his weapon at me and fired a shot,” the junior lieutenant restores the course of events.

Kalinin defused the attacker with several return shots, took away his gun, knife, cartridges and provided first aid. The offender was taken to hospital with wounds to the chest and both legs in serious condition. Now doctors are fighting for his life.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, six people died, 24 were injured. A criminal case was opened on the murder. Classes at universities and schools in Perm were canceled.

The prosecutor of the Perm Territory Pavel Bukhtoyarov, the governor Dmitry Makhonin left for the scene of the tragedy. Also, on behalf of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the heads of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health Valery Falkov and Mikhail Murashko are flying into the city.

Investigators find out the motives for the crime. Retired FSB Major General Alexander Mikhailov suggested that the student was in a state of deep psychosis.

“The question must be resolved not with a weapon, but with psychiatric help. We are always calling to see some very big problem in an inanimate object – a weapon. Well, now they will figure out how legal or illegal he had a gun. And what? in a normal state, passed all the doctors, a psychiatrist, a narcologist. And then something went into his head, “says Mikhailov.

Tuesday, September 21, is declared a day of mourning in the Perm Territory. On behalf of the governor Dmitry Makhonin, the families of the victims will be allocated a million rubles each, and the wounded – 500 thousand each.

The funds will come from the reserve fund of the government of the Perm Territory.

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