Ships participating in Breeze exercises decided to stay

WASHINGTON DC (Agencies): Most of the ships participating in the Sea Breeze international exercises will remain in the Black Sea “for a while” to participate in the exercises in Bulgaria , but this stay will not violate the provisions of the Montreux Convention , said the spokesman for the exercise command, US Navy Captain Stuart Bauman.

The Sea Breeze-2021 exercises are held from June 28 to July 10 in the Black Sea region, they involve 5 thousand military personnel, 40 aircraft and 32 ships from 32 countries.

“Most of the ships that participated in the Sea Breeze exercise will also take part in the Bulgaria-led Breeze exercise. Thus, the ships will continue to remain in the Black Sea for some time. However, this will not violate the time limit provided for by the Montreux Convention,” US Navy Captain Stuart Bauman said. during a telephone briefing.

Bauman stressed that the Sea Breeze maneuvers were “successful” and Washington is looking forward to holding a new round of these exercises in 2022.

Multinational military exercises have been held in Ukraine since 1997. The organizers of the exercises are Ukraine and the United States.

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