SCO head says vital to restore legitimacy of power in Afghanistan

BEIJING (TASS): The role and significance of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the normalization of the situation in Afghanistan has significantly increased against the background of the withdrawal of US troops and their allies from this country. SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov told TASS on Tuesday.

“The political situation in the world and especially around the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at this stage continues to remain turbulent,” he said. “In addition, there is a tendency for an escalation of tension in the regions adjacent to the SCO space, where new hotbeds of international instability have emerged,” the secretary general continued.

“In the current conditions of the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the role and significance of the SCO in the normalization of the situation in this country has significantly increased,” he said.

Norov also said that the SCO considers it important to restore the legitimacy of the authorities in Afghanistan through a peaceful dialogue. “The SCO member states consider it important to responsibly restore the legitimacy of state power in Afghanistan through an inclusive peaceful dialogue, taking into account the interests of all social, political, ethnic and confessional groups in the country,” he said. “They appeal to all political forces of this country with an appeal to take the necessary measures in order to normalize the situation, restore peace, economic development, counter terrorism, extremism and drug-related crime,” Norov added.

The SCO countries intend to assist Afghanistan in the establishment of a peaceful, stable country, free from terrorism and war. According to Norov, a plan of practical measures to promote the socio-economic reconstruction of Afghanistan is currently being considered.

“The SCO member states confirm their intention to assist Afghanistan in becoming a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, free from terrorism, war and drugs,” he said. As Norov pointed out, “they are ready to participate in international efforts to stabilize and develop Afghanistan with the central coordinating role of the UN.”

The secretary general also recalled that in July this year, the foreign ministers of the member countries of the organization, at a meeting in Dushanbe within the framework of the SCO-Afghanistan contact group, stated that they “will support the SCO in fulfilling its important role in achieving peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, and reaffirmed coordination and cooperation at the regional and international levels to promote lasting peace and sustainable development in Afghanistan. “

“The SCO countries are currently considering a plan of practical measures to promote the socio-economic reconstruction of Afghanistan,” Norov added.

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