Russia warns US over military bases in C. Asia

BUDAPEST (RIA Novosti): Russia does not want to see the American military in Central Asia, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“So the Wall Street Journal asked if Russia would like to see American soldiers in Central Asia. No. First, we have a common security space, and this space has our obligations. I mean the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which presupposes the consent of all allies on issues related to the deployment of foreign armed forces on their territory, “Lavrov said at a press conference.

The main reason, he said, was that the Americans wanted, leaving Afghanistan, to place part of their infrastructure and weapons, military personnel on the territory of neighboring countries, so that, if necessary, they could strike from there on the territory of Afghanistan if Afghanistan “behaves badly.”

The US authorities are trying to persuade other countries to accept the citizens of Afghanistan who collaborated with NATO for “a couple of months” because of the need to issue them American visas during this time, Lavrov said.

“The same applies to Washington’s persistent stubborn actions in an effort to persuade a number of Central Asian countries and other regions to accept Afghan citizens who have cooperated with the Americans and NATO countries. Moreover, they say that this is for a couple of months, and then we will take them to ourselves, we need time to get them visas, “he said.

The minister pointed out that the citizens of Afghanistan, in question in this case, have cooperated with the Americans for many years and it is unclear why Washington needs another two months to issue them permits to enter the country.

“And secondly, if you, the Americans, have such procedures that you need two or three months to apply for a visa, then why don’t you respect the interests of those countries to whom you are trying to shake off these Afghans who collaborated with you? that these countries should absolutely not be involved in the verification of these citizens, and, according to the Americans, they do not need time to satisfy these requests, “he added.

“From whatever side you look, this does not correspond to the stability of those countries where the Americans are trying to penetrate with their wishes. In any case, the final decision will be made by the respective states,” the Russian Foreign Minister summed up.

The statement by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell that the EU should not allow Russia and China to take control of the situation in Afghanistan is regrettable, Sergei Lavrov added.

“If the head of the European Union’s foreign policy thinks in such categories, then I feel sorry for the member states, which are forced to hear such a philosophy and, apparently, support it. This is not what Mr. Borrell is concerned about, we must take care that the Afghans calm down their country as soon as possible. this mentality “you cannot give Afghanistan to Russia and China” is from the same series of reasoning “either-or”: let the countries choose: either they are with the West, or with Russia and China. – he noted.

Sergei Lavrov further said that Russia is ready to discuss the situation in Afghanistan at the UN Security Council platform. “The President of France [Emmanuel Macron] recently, in a conversation with President [Vladimir] Putin of Russia, proposed to gather in the five permanent members of the Secu-rity Council, to exchange views on Afghanistan. We are ready,” he said.

Lavrov stressed that Russia is not going to block the work of the Security Council. “In New York, they propose to convene a full Security Council meeting, that is, with non-permanent members, we are also ready for this. earth, so that they are not divorced from this reality, and that the discussions are aimed at developing approaches that will help reach agreements between the Taliban and the rest of the political forces in the development of those contacts that have already begun last weekend, “the minister added.

The situation in Afghanistan will become a central topic at the upcoming CSTO and SCO summits in Dushanbe in mid-September, the Russian Foreign Minister added.

“In a couple of weeks, in mid-September, the CSTO summit will take place in Dushanbe, and the SCO summit will also take place there. in the spotlight, “he said.

All members of the expanded “troika” on settlement in Afghanistan (Russia, the United States, China, Pakistan) are interested in continuing consultations, said Russian Foreign Minister.

“We had contacts with the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the United States, China and Pakistan. Everyone has an interest in continuing this work,” he said.

“Now, after what happened in Afghanistan on the ground, when a new reality has been created, no matter who treats it, it is a reality, it will have to be reckoned with,” the minister stressed.

According to him, Moscow remains committed to the task of establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan so that the threat of terrorism and drug trafficking for the entire region no longer emanates from the territory of this country.

“I hope that all those who are now observing the events in Afghanistan will be guided by this, and not by some politicized, ideologized phobias,” Lavrov said.

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