Russia gets observer status to Non-Aligned Movement

BAKU (Monitoring Desk): Russia has been granted observer status with the Non-Aligned Movement, this is reflected in the organization’s political declaration adopted at the interim ministerial conference.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia could soon receive observer status in the Non-Aligned Movement , such a decision is almost ready. The Non-Aligned Movement is now chaired by Azerbaijan .

“According to the adopted political declaration, in accordance with the appeal of the Russian Federation, this country has been granted observer status in the Non-Aligned Movement,” the release of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry says .

The Non-Aligned Movement was created during the Cold War at the Belgrade Conference in September 1961. It included states that did not want to join the NATO bloc or the Warsaw Pact, in particular, Yugoslavia (at that time), India and Egypt. Now the Non-Aligned Movement unites 120 countries that have refused to participate in military blocs, 17 states and 10 international organizations have observer status with the organization.

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