PM, Kazakh President affirm cooperation in trade, transportation

DUSHANBE (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan and President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met here in the capital of Tajikistan and affirmed the commitment to enhance bilateral relations in diverse fields, particularly trade, investment and transportation links.

The meeting, held on the sidelines of 20th Shanghai Cooperation Organization Council of Heads of State (SCO-CHS) Summit, focu-sed on closed collaboration for the mutual benefit of two countries.

The two leaders exchanged views on bilateral relations and discussed key regional and international issues. The prime minister underlined that Pakistan was resolved to comprehensively upgrade engagement with Central Asian countries through its ‘Vision Central Asia’ policy.

He particularly emphasized the importance of connectivity and Pakistan’s pivotal position in providing the shortest access route to the sea.

The prime minister also highlighted the significance of Trans-Afghan railway project connecting Termez-Mazar-e-Sharif-Kabul-Jalalabad-Peshawar.

He also elaborated his vision of socio-economic development and shifting country’s priority from geo-politics to geo-economics.

To promote regional integration, the two sides also decided to enhance connectivity through land and air routes.

The prime minister also underscored the importance of peace and stability in Afghanistan for Pakistan and the region.

He stressed that the international community had to remain engaged to support the Afghan people, to address urgent humanitarian needs, and take steps to stabilize the economy.

The prime minister stressed that sustainable peace and security in Afghanistan would contribute to regional peace, connectivity and progress.

The two leaders agreed to increase the frequency of high-level political exchanges. The Prime Minister renewed the invitation to President Tokayev to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan and Kazakhstan enjoy cordial relations bas-ed on a common approach towards the world issues as well as bilateral understanding.

Also, Minister for Info-rmation and Broadcasting Fawad Hussain said Prime Minister Imran Khan held fruitful meetings with the Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran and Kazakhstan presidents.

He said during meetings on the sidelines of the conference, all the leaders agreed on the need for a stable government in Afghanistan.

There was a consensus that the world should not abandon Afghanistan and work for an inclusive government in the country, he added.

He said Pakistan was playing a critical role at a time when Afghanistan was at the crossroads and either it would go towards instability or become stable.

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