Pepperdine University refuse student finish two semesters who paid back 20k after 20 years

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON DC: A student named Muhammad, who paid back Pepperdine University twenty thousand dollars after twenty years because his dream was to finish the last two semesters at university he attended. 

Muhammad studied at Pepperdine University in the 90’s where his parents were paying for his tuition fee. Due to family issues he was unable to continue his studies. 

Twenty years later, Muhammad saved twenty thousand dollars and paid back to the university, to the surprise of the accounts department who told him that nobody has done this in the history of Pepperdine University. 

Muhammad stated that he loved Pepperdine University and wanted to finish his remaining two semesters and get his degree. Muhammad further said that he was not bound to pay the twenty thousand he owed to Pepperdine and neither was he facing any litigation or legal issues from the university. “I did it out of love for my university and I did it because of ethics” Muhammad added. 

Right after paying Pepperdine University, Muhammad suffered a stroke and was unable to continue his job which was his source of earning and savings. 

After getting his health back Muhammad contacted Pepperdine University and requested that he should be given the opportunity to finish his studies and that he will make legal contract with the university assuring that he will pay back after his studies are completed. 

Pepperdine University refused him and asked him to come up with the tuition fee first and then he can enroll to complete his studies. 

“I even contacted the President of the university to help me in this regard but he refused” Muhammad said. 

Muhammad further added that “A religious university should have more ethics than other universities, I am really hurt.”

Muhammad vowed that he will finish his studies before his death and that he will teach a lesson to the management of the Pepperdine University that “money is not everything and that ethics, morality and humanity are not just words.”

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