Panjshir militia force announces Taliban retreat

KABUL (TASS): National resistance forces in Panjshir province refute the claims of the Taliban movement about the seizure of six outposts in the region.

A provincial TASS source close to the militia said by telephone on Wednesday that the Taliban are retreating after they have suffered “huge losses.”

“The Taliban have really been trying to break through to Panjshir since yesterday evening, but they have failed. They have not captured a single outpost. They are suffering huge losses and are forced to retreat,” the source said. According to him, more than 300 militants were killed, dozens were wounded and taken prisoner.

Meanwhile, resistance force spokesman Fahim Dashti told reporters that the Taliban have launched several attacks in Panjshir over the past 40 hours, but have been defeated.

“40 Taliban were killed and 35 more were injured,” he said. According to him, radicals are carrying out attacks from Baghlan province, neighboring with Panjshir.
Earlier, Taliban officials said they were able to capture six important Panjshir outposts and advance significantly into the region.

On Wednesday, the head of the Taliban Leadership Commission, Amir Khan Mottaki, who was also appointed by the Taliban as governor of Panjshir, said that negotiations between the Taliban and the resistance had failed.

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