Pakistan paid heavy price in war on terror: Danish FM

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan-Denmark bilateral relations are on upward trajectory, however there is sufficient room for enhancement of bilateral cooperation in various domains. It was observed by Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi during a joint news conference along with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod in Islamabad on Friday.

After holding delegations level talks with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islama-bad on Friday, Qureshi informed media that the top diplomats of the two nations discussed opportunities and ways to enhance bilateral trade and investment and cooperation in the field of renewable energy.

Qureshi thanked Foreign Minister Kofod for Denmark support on the Pakistan GPS Plus status in European Market. Qureshi informed the media that the two Foreign Ministers held in depth discussion on Afghanistan’s situation, its impact on regional peace and security and mutual interests of the two nations in a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

Qureshi said that Pakistan has been seriously affected by militancy in neighboring Afghanistan over the last several decades. Qureshi noted that Pakistan does not want Afghanistan to become a terrorist sanctuary again.

While referring to a proposed bill tabled by US Republican senators suggesting sanctioning of Pakistan, Qureshi was of the view that anti-Pakistan lobbies and Pakistan’s neighbor is behind that bill.

Qureshi said that Pakistan has played a leading role in Afghan peace process and helped in evacuation of foreign nationals including the US from Afghanistan. Qureshi said that Pakistan cannot be scapegoated for the crisis in Afghanistan.

Qureshi said that the US Congress must realize and acknowledge the role played by Pakistan for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

While speaking to occasion, Foreign Minister of Denmark, Kofod said that Pakistan has paid heavy price during war on terror and Denmark understands the importance of Pakistan for Regional Peace and Stability.

Kofod thanked Pakistan for its help in safe evacuation of Danish citizens from Afghanistan.

While taking about Pak-Danish bilateral relations, Kofod said that the two nations had strong bilateral relations during the past and both nations want to strengthen their cooperation in energy sector, bilateral trade and investment.

While responding to a media query, Kofod said that his country is not going to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan, however he was of the view that Taliban must respect the fundamental rights of the citizens in the country.

While answering another question regarding Kashmir dispute, Kofod said that both countries Pakistan and India should resolve the issue through peaceful dialogue.

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