NATO launches exercise near Belarusian border

VILNIUS (RIA Novosti): NATO exercises “Iron Wolf – 2021 II” begin at the training ground in the Lithuanian city of Pabrade near the border with Belarus, they will last about two weeks, Sputnik Lithuania reports with reference to the press service of the republic’s army.

“In Lithuania, the international exercises” Iron Wolf – 2021 II “(Geležinis vilkas 2021 II) will begin, which will last about two weeks… It is reported that the mechanized infantry brigade of the Lithuanian armed forces” Iron Wolf “announced an increase in combat readiness,” writes Sputnik.

As the agency notes, during the exercises, imitation ammunition and explosives will be used, in the vicinity of Pabrade and Švenchenis, you can see military equipment. From 12 to 14 October, the participants in the exercises and military equipment will move from the barracks to the training ground, so the movement of military equipment along the roads of Lithuania will increase.

“The exercise will last about two weeks, it will be attended by 3,000 soldiers and a thousand pieces of military equipment that are already on their way to Pabrade. The exercises will be attended by servicemen from Lithuania and other NATO countries – Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Latvia, Poland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as soldiers from Ukraine. The main operations that the soldiers will be trained in are attack and defense,” adds Sputnik.

According to the publication, the Iron Wolf 2021 II exercise is aimed at assessing the readiness of the NATO frontline combat group and the headquarters of the mechanized infantry battalion of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas, stationed in the Jonava region, as well as interaction with the command of the Iron Wolf motorized rifle brigade and other NATO allies… The previous stage of the exercise took place from May 19 to May 31 at the Gayzhunai training ground, in the Yonavsky and Kaisiadorys districts.

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