Maria: Western diplomatic missions transferred money to Navalny

MOSCOW (Agencies): Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to the news that Alexei Navalny’s projects were sponsored by dozens of employees of foreign embassies in Russia. She posted a comment on this topic on her Facebook page.

According to Maria Zakharova, foreign embassies in Russia hired Russian citizens to work, paid them money, and they then transferred funds to the relevant structures of Navalny’s team.

“Guess which embassies the most of these donations went through? That’s right, through the diplomatic missions of the United States and Germany. Employees of the embassies of Canada, France, Spain and other NATO countries also took part in such a fun “little carousel”.

Specifically, foreign governments have come up with such a form of transferring money under Navalny, or this is an amazing coincidence of the feelings of the employers and those hired – let our civic activists and journalists deal with all this. To be honest, I am interested in something else.

Can you imagine how hysterical the Western information mainstream would go if employees of Russian missions abroad transferred money, for example, to Republicans in the United States or Catalans in Spain? There would be screams all over the planet.

Dozens of our diplomats were expelled en masse after the 2016 US elections, accused of meddling in US elections WITHOUT EVIDENCE. It is scary to think what would have happened if they had found at least a dollar in favor of one of the political parties from, for example, a cultural attaché, a representative of Rossotrudnichestvo or a correspondent for the federal media in the United States.

But we know: #This isOther, ”wrote Maria Zakharova.

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