Lukashenko says ready to help Russia in nuclear power plant construction

MINSK (Monitoring Desk): Belarus is ready to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants according to Russian projects, President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday .

As the press service of Lukashenka reports on the official website of the head of state, on Tuesday in Minsk he met with the president of the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” Mikhail Kovalchuk . In particular, Lukashenko noted that the institute provided support to Belarusian colleagues during the construction of the BelNPP in Ostrovets, Grodno region .

“You taught us a lot. We are ready to build these stations. At the stations that are being built (by the Russians – ed.), We can take part, not to mention the territory of Russia , if such nuclear power plants are built ,” Lukashenka’s word service.

According to the president, he would like the meeting with Kovalchuk in Minsk “to be historic” and from it to begin “a serious countdown for the development of nuclear energy in Belarus.”

Lukashenko also drew attention to the fact that Russian scientists occupy leading positions in the world – from the peaceful atom to the most modern scientific developments, and are also the main partners for their Belarusian colleagues in many studies. In the field of using nuclear energy, the two countries see great prospects for cooperation, the president said.

“Once I visited our nuclear center in Sosny (Joint Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research – ed.). I watched it very carefully, I am still looking closely. , – Lukashenka admitted.

He also recalled that in February the Kurchatov Institute and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus signed an agreement on cooperation, for its implementation, a draft roadmap until 2030 was developed.

“You should know that I will support all the proposals. I know that, in my opinion, you have developed a union program out of 44 events,” the head of the republic said.

For his part, Kovalchuk, speaking about promising areas of interaction between scientists from Belarus and Russia, mentioned the possibility of cooperation in the use of large research complexes of the megascience class. “Today the success of science, scientific movement, breakthrough is associated with large installations – the so-called megascience. These are large expensive installations, which include accelerators, special powerful sources of X-ray radiation, neutrons, laser sources,” he explained.

According to Kovalchuk, the Kurchatov Institute not so long ago had experience of cooperation with the Belarusian Planar, which manufactured a small batch of original X-ray devices for the Russian research center, and this experience turned out to be positive. The head of the institute noted the modern equipment of enterprises and the professionalism of the staff.

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