Joe Biden avoided answering the question about Afghanistan and got lost

Mikhail Sheinkman

“Yes and no”

“Hey, Biden, don’t go there, you go here …”. There was no such person next to him who would direct him on the true path, so he got lost. Although, when there were even several such people next to him, he still fornicated (on the lawn near the White House). But now he was specifically confused.

He came to the Federal Eme-rgency Situations Agency to distract himself a little – to talk about Hurricane Ida, and then they pou-nded on him with their Afghanistan.

He jerked away from the question of evacuation aimlessly. It turned out, not there.

However, maybe that was his answer. After all, he also seemed to go to the exit, but it turned out sideways.

It’s good that in his case, even without sacrifices.

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