Israeli cabinet extended powers of Shabak special service head

TEL AVIV (TASS): The Israeli government approved during a weekly meeting on Sunday the proposal of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to extend the term of office of the head of the General Security Service (Shabak) Nadav Argaman until October 13. This was announced by the office of the Israeli prime minister.

“On July 11, 2021, the government approved Bennett’s proposal to extend the term of office of the head of the Shabak Nadav Argaman by one month until October 13, 2021,” the statement said.

The leader of the Yamina Party, Bennett, took the oath of office on June 13 as the 13th Prime Minister of Israel. On June 15, the new head of the Cabinet held the first working meetings with the leaders of the Isr-aeli special services Mos-sad (foreign intelligence) a-nd the Shin Bet, and on Ju-ly 8, for the first time since taking office, Bennett visited the headquarters of the General Security Service, where he thanked its emp-loyees for “a series of se-cret and open operations”.

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