In America, they argue whether Biden fell asleep at a meeting with Bennett

Mikhail Sheinkman

He does not sleep, he is superspeed

The video had already gone viral when it turned out that it was just a video toad. Sleepy. Not croaking. But, if not editing, then a frame taken out of context. In any case, this is what the US administration says. There they sin on the Republicans. They say they were the first to tweet this fake. In the full version, they say, it is noticeable that Biden is very much awake.

Firstly, they say, watch your hands – his fingers still move at the moment of deep immersion in himself. Second, they point to the speed with which the owner of the White House reacted to the conclusion of Ben-nett’s ten-minute speech. As soon as he was silent, Joe Biden immediately stepped in.

In general, by analogy with one elderly general secretary who was not old, but a superstar, and Joe can say about himself that he does not sleep, he is a superspeed.

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