Governor of Nangarhar says people without beard will not be accepted into Taliban movement

KABUL (Agencies): The Eastern Military Commission of the Taliban has banned former military, police, IS members and non-bearded individuals from joining the movement, the palace of the governor of Nangarhar provi-nce said in a statement.

The statement instructs the commanders to exclude these categories from the Taliban forces. It is also noted that Taliban fighters are prohibited from wearing black glasses and covering their faces.

Taliban disperse women’s demonstration: Taliban fighters used tear gas and batons to disperse protests by women who demanded a role in the new government. According to media reports, at least one activist was injured. Representatives of the new government previously admitted that isolated cases of crimes against women’s freedoms are possible, since their soldiers are “not trained to talk” with the female population.

For the second day in Kabul and Herat, protests under the slogans “Don’t be afraid, we are united” and “We are not women of the 90s” are taking place. The women demand that they be given a significant role in the future government, the composition of which has not yet been announced by the new government in the person of the Taliban. The future of Afghan women remains uncertain, and many are skeptical of the militants’ promises.

The reason for the women’s demonstrations was the statement of the representative of the Islamist movement Zabiullah Mujahid, who said that there would be no place for women in the cabinet of ministers, despite the fact that the Taliban had previously argued the opposite. Today, the Taliban, “following the precepts of the Koran and in accordance with Sharia law,” is ready to allow women to work in ministries, police, and judicial bodies, but only as assistants.

According to Afghan TV channel TOLOnews, the militants used tear gas to disperse the crowd. RIA Novosti adds that supporters of the movement also beat one of the activists Nargis Sadat. According to Etilaatroz, in addition to gas, the Taliban used truncheons.

The Taliban obstructed the demonstration after women tried to march to the presidential palace to meet with senior officials. Judging by the videos from social networks, which are published by eyewitnesses, armed militants in American uniforms, which they got after the withdrawal of the US contingent from the country, are participating in the dispersal of the crowd. The action is also attended by, presumably, a Taliban representative from the governing bodies – he calls on those heading for the palace to turn around. In one of the episodes, one of the protesters can be seen taking the megaphone away from him, after which the crowd begins to cough and cover their face with their hands.

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