Explosion at a mosque in Kabul kills 12

KABUL (RIA Novosti): The death toll in the explosion at the Idgah mosque in the Afghan capital has inc-reased to 12, a source in the Taliban told RIA Novosti .

Another 32 people were injured. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the data may change.

Earlier it was known about eight dead and 20 injured. Interior Ministry spokesman Kari Said Khosti announced the arrest of three suspects.

Local media wrote that at the time of the explosion, funeral prayers were held in the mosque in connection with the death of the mother of the deputy minister of culture and information of the interim government of Afghanistan, Zabiulla Mujahid, who died a few days ago.

Traffic on Kabul street near the Idgah mosque, which had an earlier explosion, is very difficult. About a hundred cars cannot pass, creating a traffic jam on the streets of the district.

As the TASS correspondent reports, on the spot the situation is controlled by the soldiers of the Taliban movement “Badri 313”.

They push aside passers-by and passing motorists to make way for ambulances and police officers who are still pulling into the scene. Screams of the wounded and deafening sirens are heard in the area.

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