EUMC, EU chiefs of defence met in Brussels

F.P. Report

BRUSSELS: On the 25th and 26th  of October the EU Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) met in Brussels for the last Military Committee meeting at CHODs level of 2021.

The meeting, chaired by General Claudio Graziano, focused on the main EU defence initiatives.

The European Union has a unique chance to increase its credibility as a security provider; the Military should actively contribute to the process defining the requirements for a rapid response toolbox and making every effort possible to implement a robust Command & Control structure with the aim to maintain operational superiority

General Claudio Graziano

The Strategic Compass was one of the first points discussed. The EEAS Deputy Secretary General CSDP-CR, Ambassador Charles Fries briefed the military leaders about the latest developments related to the Strategic Compass. The CHODs welcomed the presentations, and they expect the Strategic Compass to provide clear guidance on the Military Level of Ambition. They look forward to providing military advice on the first draft and agreed to possibly hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the second draft of the Strategic Compass.

Then the Director General EU Military Staff, Vice Admiral Hervé Blejean updated the CHODs on an EU rapid response toolbox. The CHODs stressed the need for the EU to significantly reinforce its capacity to act autonomously, when necessary. For this, the CHODs fully support the proposals for further adaptation of EU Battlegroups, aiming at making them more relevant and attractive, thereby improving EU rapid response effectiveness.

During the meeting, the urgent need for Member States to provide CSDP Missions and Operations with adequate human resources, assets and logistics, was recalled.

Other important topics discussed during the second day of the meeting were EU-NATO cooperation, with the request to increase the mil-to-mil relations in the domain of Climate Change and Defence, and the effectiveness of EU Military Training Missions.

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