Dmitry: UN has not yet discussed the dispatch of forces to Haiti

NEW YORK (Agencies): The UN Security Council has not yet discussed the request of the Haitian authorities, where President Jovenel Moise was killed as a result of the assassination attempt , to send UN forces to this country, Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy ambassador of Russia to the international organization, told reporters .

“We have not discussed this yet. So far, no details,” Polyansky said.

When asked whether he considered the sending of UN forces to Haiti to be justified, the diplomat said that it was necessary “to study more details in order to understand.”

Earlier, the office of the UN Secretary General told RIA Novosti that the organization received a letter from the Haitian authorities with a request to send troops to the republic, this document is being studied, but such a decision should be made by the Security Council.

Meanwhile, a source in the Security Council told RIA Novosti that the Council does not yet plan to meet to discuss the situation in Haiti .

The letter from the Haitian Prime Minister’s office to the UN Office in the country is dated 7 July.

As noted by the media, the purpose of the request is “to support the efforts of the national police to restore security and public order throughout the territory.”

Earlier, Norway’s Permanent Representative Mona Juul said that the UN Security Council is not yet considering the likelihood of the organization’s peacekeepers returning to Haiti amid the assassination of the country’s president.

In 2019, the UN announced the end of a 15-year peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise was fatally wounded in an attack on his residence on the night of Wednesday 7 July. His wife Martin Moise is in critical condition. The Haitian authorities announced the arrest of suspects in the assassination of the president.

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