Biden & Xi to meet virtually before end of the year: Sullivan

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden will be holding a virtual meeting before the end of the year, said US National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan during press briefing at the White House.

Mr Sullivan said that the US president will be traveling to Italy to attend the G20 summit but the Chinese President is not attending the summit therefore the virtual meeting, for which the date has not yet been confirmed will be a great opportunity for both the leaders to discuss issues in detail. “President Biden does believe that he needs face to face meeting with Xi” added Jack Sullivan.

Regarding the upcoming G20 summit in Rome on October 30-31, Sullivan said that US President will be meeting the Italian President, the French President and the Pope.

Mr Sullivan said that Global Minimum Tax, Energy Prices and Supply Chain will be some of the main agenda points to discuss with the G20 countries.

He reiterated that several big corporates in the US do not pay any taxes and if agreed by other powerful countries, through this global minimum tax “enormous revenue” can be earned from those American companies which operates outside America.

Jack Sullivan clarified that Afghanistan is not part of the agenda of talks at G20 summit. Regarding st-rike against ISIS (Khurasa-lan) Sullivan said that unlike the first strike, the second strike was accurate.

Regarding Iran, Sullivan said that we want to be on the same page with our allies and European partners and the issue will be discussed so that a common message can be sent.

Jack Sullivan also said that at G20 environment, energy and how to be better prepared for any upcoming pandemic will be discussed in detail.

Jack Sullivan also informed that after the G20 summit the president will be traveling to Glascow Scotland for an important summit on climate. He said that President Biden is planning to invest the largest amount ever spent on environment and he will be asking the same from his allied countries.

Jen Psaki, the White House spokesperson said that the president does believe that social media is used to spread fake use and that that reforms are needed in this sector.

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