Biden signs bill to compensate US personnel affected by ‘Havana Syndrome’

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – President Joe Biden on Friday announced that he signed into law a measure that provides compensation to the US diplomatic personnel whose health has been affected by the so called “Havana Syndrome.”

“Today, I was pleased to sign the HAVANA Act into law to ensure we are doing our utmost to provide for US Government personnel who have experienced anomalous health incidents,” Biden said in a statement.

Earlier, the US house unanimously passed legislation to compensate CIA personnel and diplomats affected by the so called “Havana Syndrome” w-hile serving in Cuba, China and elsewhere.

US diplomats were first diagnosed with the Havana syndrome in Cuba in 2016 and then in China in 2018.

The diplomats said they experienced piercing sounds that have caused longer-term health effects. It has since been rumored to affect US officials in China, Russia, Austria and even Washington, DC.

In August 2021, NBC news citing a letter sent by Blinken to state depa-rtment staff, reported that the US Sta-te Department still cannot clarify the reasons for the so-called Havana syndrome. “Employees going abroad are anxious about whether they or their families are at risk. That’s completely understandable, and I wish we had more answers for you. We’ll continue to seek answers, do our utmost to protect our people, and make sure everyone gets the care and treatment they need,” Blinken stated.

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