Belarus plans to purchase Russian arms for $1 billion

MINSK (Monitoring De-sK): Belarus plans to purchase Russian arms for more than $ 1 billion, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told reporters while visiting the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground near Baranovichi during the West-2021 military exercise, BelTA has learned.

The President said that during the talks in the Kremlin, much attention was paid to defense and security issues. In particular, the prospects for the supply of the C-400 complexes were discussed.

We must prepare – 1200 km border with Ukraine. Therefore, we will have to close this perimeter as well. And we were just talking about the fact that the S-400 will be appropriate for us. And he instructed the Minister of Defense to work out these issues with ours in order to be able to supply these complexes to us. “

In general, Alexander Lukashenko expressed gratitude to the Russian leadership and the military, the military-industrial complex of Russia for agreeing on a whole list of weapons that will be supplied to Belarus by 2025.

“This is about a dozen aircraft, some of which have already been received by us, these are several dozen helicopters, Tor-M2. troops, “the head of state emphasized.

“You see how they behave. Therefore, one should not relax, considering the experience of 1941, when we calmed everything down, calmed everyone down – do not respond to provocations and so on – and then received a deafening blow and practically lost Belarus in a couple of months. We want to be ready in advance, and the essence of this is modern exercises. We do not aim our missiles at neighboring states, our aircraft do not determine targets for striking on their territory, etc. We are preparing to defend our land. territories are not needed. God bless us to cope with ours, “Alexander Lukashenko summed up.

As BelTA was informed, Alexander Lukashenko announced plans to make a large purchase of weapons and military equipment on September 1, answering journalists’ questions in Bobruisk. “In the near future (I signed an order) the Russian Federation will supply us (I won’t say what money and what) dozens of aircraft, dozens of helicopters, the most important air defense weapons. Maybe even C-400s. We really need them, I’m already I spoke about it, “the President said then.

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