US threatens Taliban with retaliation for refusing Americans to leave Kabul

NEW YORK (Agencies): The United States evacuated 7.8 thousand people from Afghanistan on Saturday, a total of 30 thousand people since the beginning of the evacuation. This was announced on Sunday by the Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan on the air of the NBC channel.

“Only yesterday we evacuated or evacuated 7,800 people,” he said. 3,900 of them were on military aircraft, 3.9,000 were on charter civilian flights. Sullivan added that a total of 30 thousand people have been removed since the beginning of the evacuation, of which 25 thousand – since August 14.

The United States is working on alternative routes to transport its citizens remaining in Afghanistan to Kabul airport for evacuation, Sullivan said.

“All three gates of the airport are now clogged with Afghans, ordinary Afghans who want to fly out of the country. So we have recently been working on various ways to get Americans to the airport. We continue to work with the Taliban [traffic banned in the Russian Federation] so that every American who wanted to get to the airport could do it, “he said.

At the same time, Sullivan noted that the United States did not promise anything to the Taliban so that they let the Americans in. “This is not a “you to me, I to you.” this will not be hindered,” he added. “We expect them to adhere to these commitments, and we will.”

Biden’s aide added that US diplomats in Kabul had begun recommending that Americans leave the country a month ago, but many decided to stay until the end. He again could not na-me the exact number of his fellow citizens in Afghanis-tan, noting that, according to rough estimates, there are several thousand.

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