US taunted over Israel banning journalists

US taunted over Israel banning journalists

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: The White House National Security Spokesperson, John Kirby expressed having no knowledge about the Supreme Court of Israel banning the entry of international journalists.  

Multiple journalists during White House press briefing asked that more than one hundred journalists have have so far been killed by Israel in Gaza and now Israeli Supreme Court has banned the entry of foreign journalists into the country, so where does the U.S. stand as far as freedom of information and access to information is concerned. John Kirby on the other hand replied multiple times that he was not aware of this news and that he will look into it. 

At one point NPR journalist, Asma Khalid mumbled to John Kirby that how could he not be aware because NPR was denied access to Israel and NPR had informed the White House about it. John Kirby also informed that the U.S. at  present is not in favor of ceasefire in Gaza but it does support the humanitarian pauses. 

Today’s press briefing was mostly buzzed with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin not informing the U.S. President on time about the cancer procedure that he went through and what if there was a national security crisis, who would have been held responsible for it. John Kirby did admit the fact that there is an investigation going on to find out how better communication can be done in future but he appreciated the fact that the Secretary was honest and candid to accept the responsibility in delay while informing the President, who according to John Kirby just found out today that the Secretary had went through the Cancer surgery. 

Fox News, Peter Doocy did taunt Kirby that an 81 years old President does not even know where his secretary is, while his troops are being attacked in Middle East.